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Gold Rosé Luna Stone Ring

Gold Rosé Luna Stone Ring

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Luna stone ring 100% natural

Stone size: 6mm x 8mm


Exterior: 14k rose gold bath of 0.025 µm

White Quartz Contour

Includes velvet case

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TheMoonstone, also known as the name ofAdulation, it is an opaline white gem that emits a blue/ violet reflex Known as Manufacture. The moon stone is thus called its color and for the effect that occurs when observing it, which has contributed to the fact that it has become a widely used amulet.

It is also known as theSpiritual stone, since it helps us in the interior growth process and makes us connect with ourselves through spirituality.

Luna stone is one of the minerals that most help women in all their facets, emotionally and mentally.

It is recommended for the treatment of menstrual disorders and endocrine problems. It is also useful for combating asthma, headaches of all kinds and febrile processes. Hears skin impurities and helps us eliminate toxins.

This gem is a great emotional stabilizer, helps fight insomnia, eliminates tensions, is good for the female reproductive system, helps the circulatory and digestive system.

The moon stone is the June birth stone. However, women use it all year since it is the stone of the new beginnings. This beauty of June is also known as the traveler's stone, so take it with you in all the adventures of your life.


Corresponds to the crown chakra.


It has an affinity with the signs of Aquarius, Leo, Pisces, Gemini and Sagittarius


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