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Bronze ring with ammonite fossil

Bronze ring with ammonite fossil

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Bronze ring with ammonite fossil

Approximate size: 2´5 x 2 cm

Adjustable size

Origin: Madagascar


Ammonite is a fossil of a mollusk dating from 400 million years.

Its properties are related to eternity, fAcilita the connection with past lives, helps regression (both previous and present existences). That is why it helps to study the Archive of the RAkashic egistros.

In Hinduism, ammonite is related to the fifth element: the ether or akasha (the essence of all things).

The ancient legends link the ammonite with the draconite, an element that was believed to be extracted from the dragons skull and granted protection and value to its bearer.

This fossil has protective properties.

By its spiral form it is used in the Feng Shui To attract a positive flow of Chi (vital energy), harmonize spaces and attract prosperity and abundance. The spiral form of ammonite is strongly linked to sacred geometry and the golden proportion.

The ammonite stimulates the Base or root chakra and the third eye chakra. It also has a strong link with people born under the Zodiac of Capricorn.

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