Clearpay - Backbet

1. What is Clearpay?
Clearpay is a payment method that allows you to make purchases at the time and pay them later in 3 monthly installments without costs*
The service is provided by Clearpaay S.A.U.
!!! Penalizations are applied due to backward payments. Representative example: Tae: 0%; Tin: 0%; Amount: € 90; Term: 2 months; 3 installments of € 30; With maturities every month, producing the first expiration at the same time of purchase. Total amount owed: € 90. PVP: € 90; Total deadline price: € 90.
2. How does Clearpay work?
It is very simple! Simply add the products you want to the purchase cart and, when you have finished, select Clearpay as a payment method in the checkout, and we will redirect you to the Clearpay website so you can complete your personal data and add your card information (Visa , Mastercard).
If you have already used Clearpay on other occasions, you will simply have to log in to your Clearpay account and complete your order.
Clever. Enjoy your purchase!
3. Who can use Clearpay?
Clearpay is only available for residents in Spain over 18 years.
Customers with international billing addresses will not be able to use Clearpay or create a Clearpay account.
Other eligibility criteria are applied. You can click here To see Clearpay's terms and conditions.
4. How does the Clearpay payment calendar?
Clearpay will divide the total purchase into 3 monthly installments. You can see the divided amounts and exact dates to accept them before confirming your purchase.
You can make the anticipated payment of a fee, starting session in your Clearpay account. Once done, Clearpay will adjust the amount of your pending balance.
You can also log in to your Clearpay account at any time to see your payment calendar.
5. What happens if I can't pay a fee?
If you cannot make a payment, please contact Clearpay.
In the event that no payments are made, Clearpay will prevent you from making more purchases.
Clearpay will give you until 11 pm the next day so you can do it, otherwise you will incur a penalty for late payment at a cost of € 6.00.
In addition, if the quota remains unpaid, an additional penalty of € 6.00 that will be charged:
- On the seventh day of the expiration of the fee if you have bought between the 24th of one month and the 9 of the following month.
- On the next month if you have bought between the 10th and 23rd of the same month.
If your purchase is less than € 24.00, the total cost per delay will not be able to exceed € 6.00. If your order is € 24.00 or more, the total penalty will not exceed 25% of the total order or € 24.00, which is lower.
The recovery of the existing debay debt can be assigned to a recovery agency and this can affect your ability to use Clearpay in the future. We recommend that you use Clearpay responsible.
Check the Terms and Conditions Clearpay service for more information.
6. When will my purchase be delivered if I use Clearpay?
Clearpay's orders are delivered within our standard delivery deadlines, such as any request for our website.
7. Is there a limit of how much can I spend on a single transaction of Clearpay?
Yes, to use Clearpay, the value of your purchase, including shipping, must be between € 4 and € 800.
The maximum value of your order can be lower depending on whether you are a new customer or your payment history.
8. Can I use another payment method with Clearpay?
Yes, you can also use a gift card or a promotional code with Clearpay to pay your purchase.
9. How do I return or change an article bought with Clearpay?
Articles bought with Clearpay follow our standard return process.
Keep in mind that Clearpay purchases reimbursements will be reimbursed from the website to Clearpay. We cannot provide a change or reimbursement in cash.
When the reimbursement is processed, the next payments you have with Clearpay will be canceled and the payments that have already been made will be reimbursed to the card with which you paid.
Keep in mind that until the trade has issued the reimbursement, you will be responsible for continuing to make your payments to Clearpay.
You can see the details starting session in your Clearpay account.
10. Where can I find more information about Clearpay?
You can visit the Clearpay website here To obtain a complete list of frequent questions, Clearpay's terms and conditions here and privacy policy here .